Notice of Public Hearing

A hearing will be held at 7:00 p.m., August 24, 2017, at Trails Regional Library, Concordia Branch, 813 S. Main, Concordia, Missouri, at which citizens may be heard on the property tax rate proposed to be set by Trails Regional Library District, a consolidated public library district and a political subdivision that includes Johnson and
Lafayette Counties except the municipal library district of Higginsville.

The tax rate shall be set to produce the revenues which the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017 shows to be required from the property tax. The rate conforms to the tax rate ceiling pursuant to 137.073.3 or 137.115 RSMo., (depending on year) as well as any rate revisions required by Article X, Section 22 of the Missouri State Constitution. The District may make further adjustments if allowed by recoupment based on computed rate pursuant to Section 137.073, RSMo. 
Assessed Valuation of District by Categories
Current Tax Year 2017
Prior Tax Year 2016
Real Estate $824,972,000 $788,596,163
Personal Property $243,218,801 $240,104,569
Totals $1,068,190,801 $1,028,700,732
The proposed tax rate for the General Fund is $0.2579 per $100 of valuation and the amount of tax revenue to be budgeted will be $2,754,864, which includes $27,767 due to new construction and improvements. Based on the proposed tax rate, the increase in tax revenue as a result of reassessment is $56,087, an increase of 2.10%. If the tax rate allowed as determined by the State of Missouri is less than the proposed rate, the Library District will set the rate at the lowest determined rate. The above amount or the tax rate allowed under the existing tax rate ceiling as well as under rate revisions required by Section 137.073.3 or 137.115 (depending on year) and Article X, Section 22 of the Missouri Constitution are below the $0.3000 authorized by Trails Regional Library District voters.
Trails Regional Library Board of Trustees
By: Karen L. Hicklin, Director

Posted 9:05 am, August 8, 2017
Kyle Constant
Revised and re-published 9:54 am, August 11, 2017
Kyle Constant