Library Sources for Free eBooks and Audiobooks

Missouri Libraries 2 Go

Missouri Libraries 2 Go is the name of the collection of downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks that Trails Regional Library offers its patrons. It is a collection of popular materials from major publishers and authors including new releases and bestsellers. This collection is always growing and we welcome patrons' input on desired additions. 

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OneClickDigital is an online service that allows patrons to check out eAudiobooks. Trails Regional Library's collection includes many classics and public domain works by a variety of professional voice actors. All titles in the One Click Digital Collection are unlimited simultaneous use, so every title is available to all patrons, all the time. 

All patrons must create an account on Trails Regional Library's OneClickDigital site in order to check out eAudiobooks, even those who plan to use the mobile device apps linked below.

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Online Sources of Free eBooks

     Massive collection of public domain works available in multiple formats  

Google Books

     Site with lots of paid content but also free access to public domain and other works 
     More than 29,000 e-books available, all free; includes recommendations and reviews 
     Free titles from the science fiction publisher Baen  
     B&N has many free books for download and each Friday they feature “Free Book Friday” 
     Must register first, also has free magazines as well as books
     Lots of free e-books, excerpts and articles
     Has e-books that are free, some samples and some for purchase
     Free e-books from authors, publishers along with a “sharing community”

Online Sources for free Audiobooks

     Massive collection of public domain works available in multiple formats  


     Serialized audiobooks that can be subscribed to via RSS or podcast app 
     Audiobooks of public domain works performed by volunteers, maybe even you
     Audiobook site focusing primarily on stories for children  
     Site of aggregated content from all over the internet
     Specialized search engine focused on audiobooks and ebooks
     Free online collection of stories and poems in .mp3 format, most content is Flesch-Kincade rated for children's readability
     Podcast focusing on fantasy that features original works by contributing authors
     Podcast focusing on horror that features original works by contributing authors
     Podcast focusing on science fiction that features original works by contributing authors