Kipling's Jungle BookDisney's Jungle Book

Neil Gaiman has said Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book  provided inspiration for The Graveyard Book.
If you are not familiar with Kipling's book, you may know of  the Disney movie based on the literary classic.
How does familiarity with The Jungle Book  enhance your reading of Gaiman's story?

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The Graveyard Book: the Movie

Walt Disney Studios has purchased the screen right to The Graveyard Book with Ron Howard or Henry Selick as the director. (It is still in script status with no release date.) Gaiman has had other books made into movie, like Coraline, MirrorMaask and Stardust.   Coraline was made as a stop-motion animation.

Do you think that The Graveyard Book should be made the same way as Coraline or would you do it a different way? Who would you cast as the characters or voices? Lastly could you come up with a different name for the movie?

Bod is a living, breathing boy whose home is a graveyard. He has learned to use supernatural powers including the Slide, the Fade, and the Dreamwalk. Do you sometimes wish you had supernatural power? Invent your own and tell how it works.

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